The Yoga we Practice is based on the Ashtanga Vinyasa system. We work dynamically moving from posture to posture in a meditative sequential flow, with an emphasis on the breath, correct technique and alignment. We run different types and levels of classes to cater for all our practitioners.

In our Meditation class, we learn different techniques through the traditional Practice of Yoga that help us to find & observe stillness in our minds and also experience therapeutic restfulness and relaxation in the body. Each week we vary the techniques so you can build a repertoire for your home-practice. This is a beautiful class, and suitable for all levels of practitioner. See you there. Om Shanthi.

Core strength is vital for the health, mobility and support of the body. This class is inspired by some of the physical aspects of Yoga. We work with the repetition of various postures in conjunction with the use of weights, resistance bands and gymnastic balls to build awareness and power in the abdominal muscles and protection for the spine.


"Yoga is a constant challenge, as is life. With Practice and commitment we find our strength, our grace and above all our awareness."

"I am excited about my teaching and feel both humbled and blessed by the Yoga in my life. My teachers, students and personal Practice continue to show me that learning Yoga, and indeed learning anything, is an infinite process. Sometimes we feel as if we take steps back because of injury or circumstance but it is our acceptance of our capacity for evolution and change that brings us closer to our enlightened selves.

At The Yoga House we learn and Practice together. We have regular classes and workshops all through the year and welcome new students of all levels and ability. Namaste" - Rachel Beare


Rachel has been practicing Yoga for 19 years and teaching for 14 years. She returns to study with her teachers regularly to improve her personal and teaching Practices.

In 2006 Rachel founded The Yoga House in West Waterford & she and her students have built an amazing community there. She teaches in her Shala all year round with weekly classes, monthly workshops and annual non-residential retreats & also teaches internationally in her favourite Shalas and retreat centres.

Rachel's background is in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, She lived & studied in Crete with Radha & Pierre & also went to Mysore to study with Sri K Pattabhi Jois, his grandson Sharath Rangaswami, Dr M.A Jayashree & Dr. K.L Shankaranarayana Jois, she has also studied Iyengar with Laurence O'Toole and so her teaching involves the dynamic freedom of Vinyasa based flow with the methodical structure & wisdom of safe alignment.

Her additional studies to date include: Applied Yoga Anatomy, Yogic Philosophy, Neuro-Structural Therapy, Ayurvedic Medicine & Sanskrit.

Rachel teaches the Traditional Ancestral Yogic concepts through a progressive & accessible syllabus. Her workshops & classes are challenging yet deeply nourishing and informative on all levels.

"It is important to remain the student even when teaching to prevent complacency and to allow freshness of mind and body to prevail. The level of education of a student can only raise when the teacher continues to actively study." - Rachel Beare