Sean Cummins

Monthly Massages
Deep Tissue & Sports Injury Massage

Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th, December

Price: €30 for 40 mins / €45 for 1 hour

The Yoga House, Tallow

Rachel Beare

Yogic Chanting Workshops

Friday 21st of December, 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Price: € 20

The Yoga House, Tallow

Chanting is an excellent way to still the mind and truly ground and relax. We will always learn a new chant per workshop and also return to some cosy old favourites. You don't need to have any prior experience or a pretty singing voice, it's just a casual get-together of sound-making souls!!! See you there. Call us as usual to book in.

Rachel Beare

Mid-Winter Term

3 weeks up to December 21st

The Yoga House, Tallow

Our mini-term this December is composed of 3 weeks of evening workshops in the run up to the Winter Solstice. Each week has a particular theme, however each evening is a stand alone event so you will gain a richness of information even if only attending 1 class a week ... but obviously more depth of understanding if you can commit to all events.

Week 1: Strength, Tuesday 4th to Friday 7th In this series of mini workshops we'll be exploring Asana (Yoga-Postures) Pranayama (Breath-Control) and Dyana (Meditation) to promote integrated strength in the Mind/Body system.
€20 per day / €60 for all 4 sessions.

Week 2: Back Therapy, Tuesday 11th to Friday 14th The theme for our second week is back therapy. The Practice of Yoga is often used medicinally, so we will learn techniques from all aspects of the system to help alleviate pain & tension and bring freedom and stability in equal measure to our backs. On the Wednesday & Thursday (2 hour) sessions we are delighted to have one of our favourite returning guest teachers Helen Noakes to share with us her Scaravelli inspired Practice.
€ 20 for Tuesday or Friday, 7pm-8.30pm
€ 35 for Wednesday or Thursday, €60 for both, 7pm-9pm

Week 3: Grounding, Tuesday 18th to Friday 21st Our final week of Practice together is a focus on Grounding. As it is Yoga we will look at all possible ways to comfortably bring us into the Present moment by exploring Asana, Pranayama & Dyana. on the final day we'll have a special Chanting evening to mark the Mid-Winter Solstice and to wrap up our term until we meet again in 2019.
€20 per day / €60 for all 4 sessions.

Aoife Lacey

'See your world from a different perspective' handstand & Chakra balancing workshops

Saturday 26th of January
10am - 12:30pm & 2pm - 4:30pm

Price: €60 for full day, €35 for a half day.

The Yoga House, Tallow

Inversions are a great way to build strength, have fun and literally turn your world upside down! But they're also very challenging and proper preparation and alignment is key. In this 2.5 hour workshop Aoife will teach techniques and tips to build strength, courage and openness to turn your world upside down. This isn't suitable for anyone new to yoga and those with wrist or shoulder injury.

Be prepared to work hard and also have fun!

In the Chakra restorative workshop we will use fully supported restorative poses while tuning into our subtle body and the seven major Chakra system. Using music developed particularly for each of these chakra, and a lovely yoga nidra practice to finish, be prepared for 2.5 hours if blissful relaxation.

Rachel Beare

Stand Tall

Saturday 19th February, 2pm - 5pm

Price: € 40

The Yoga House, Tallow

This is a workshop for all students of Yoga, we will deeply explore the on-mat aspect of The Practice with a particular focus on Standing Asana (Yoga Postures)

These Asanas are excellent medicine for cultivating postural alignment, Strength, Spinal health & intestinal well-being. In chapter 2 verse 46 of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, there exists the simple yet profound statement 'Sthira Sukham Asanam' 'Steady Easeful Pose' this really is the accomplishment which we work towards in our physical Practice, so that even in a wobbly, challenging Asana, with regular devotion & effort, we can touch meditative peace and comfort.

This session will leave you standing tall and feeling strong and grounded.